Take Transit to your Local Library for National Library Lover’s Month

February 3, 2022

February is National Library Lover’s Month. Sun Tran makes it easy to visit more than a dozen Pima County Libraries all year long. Click the boxes below to find Route information to your local library. Rides remain free through June 30, 2022. Masks are required while onboard transit vehicles.

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Joel D Valdez Main Library

101 N. Stone Ave.

Tucson AZ 85701

Route 1 to Alameda/Grossetta

Route 2 to Alameda/Grossetta

Route 3 to Alameda/Grossetta

Route 6 to Alameda/Grossetta

Route 7 to Alameda/Grossetta

Route 8 to Alameda/Grossetta

Route 12 to Alameda/Grossetta

Route 21 to Alameda/Grossetta

Route 23 to Alameda/Grossetta

Route 25 to Alameda/Grossetta

Route 10 to Toole/7th Ave

Route 16 to Toole/7th Ave

Route 19 to Toole/7th Ave

Route 22 to Toole/7th Ave

Route 4 to Ronstadt Transit Center

Route 18 to Ronstadt Transit Center

Sun Shuttle Route 421 to Ronstadt Transit Center

Oro Valley Public Library

1305 W. Naranja Dr.

Oro Valley AZ 85737

Oro Valley Sun Shuttle Dial-A-Ride

Himmel Park Library

1035 N. Treat Ave.

Tucson AZ 85716

Route 4 to Speedway/Treat

Route 17 to Country Club/Speedway

Eckstrom-Columbus Library

4350 E. 22nd St.

Tucson AZ 85711

Route 7 to 22nd St/Columbus

Richard ElĂ­as-Mission Library

3770 S. Mission Rd.

Tucson AZ 85713

Route 23 to Mission/Ajo

Route 50 to Mission/Ajo

Frank De La Cruz-El Pueblo Library

101 W. Irvington Rd.

Tucson AZ 85714

Route 29 to Nogales Hwy/Irvington

Route 2 to Irvington/6th Ave

Route 25 to Irvington/6th Ave

Route 26 to Irvington/6th Ave

Route 11 to Laos Transit Center

Route 12 to Laos Transit Center

Route 18 to Laos Transit Center

Route 23 to Laos Transit Center

Route 24 to Laos Transit Center

Route 27 to Laos Transit Center

Route 50 to Laos Transit Center

Southwest Library

6855 S. Mark Rd.

Tucson AZ 85757

Route 29 to Mark Rd/Jeffrey Rd

Route 27 to Valencia/Mark

Valencia Library

202 W. Valencia Rd.

Tucson AZ 85706

Route 29 to Valencia/Fiesta

Route 24 to 12th Ave/Valencia

Sun Shuttle Route 440 to 12th Ave/Valencia

Quincie Douglas Library

1585 E. 36th St.

Tucson AZ 85713

Route 2 to 36th St/Kino Pkwy

Route 15 to 36th St/Kino Pkwy

Route 25 to Park/35th St

Sun On Demand Zone 2

Sam Lena-South Tucson Library

1607 S. Sixth Ave.

Tucson AZ 85713

Route 18 to 6th Ave/26th St

Route 23 to 4th Ave/25th St

Santa Rosa Library

1075 S. 10th Ave.

Tucson AZ 85701

Route 2 to 10th Ave/20th St

Route 12 to 10th Ave/20th St

El Rio Library

1390 W. Speedway Blvd.

Tucson AZ 85745

Route 5 to Speedway/Riverview

Route 22 to Speedway/Riverview

Sun On Demand Zone 1

Murphy-Wilmot Library

530 N. Wilmot Rd.

Tucson AZ 85711

Route 3 to Wilmot/5th St

Route 8 to Wilmot/5th St

Martha Cooper Library

1377 N. Catalina Ave.

Tucson AZ 85712

Route 4 to Speedway/Catalina

Route 5 to Pima/Columbus

Route 1 to Swan/Fairmount

Woods Memorial Library

3455 N. First Ave.

Tucson AZ 85719

Route 6 to 1st Ave/Yavapai

Route 17 to Prince/1st Ave

Flowing Wells Library

1730 W. Wetmore Rd.

Tucson AZ 85705

Route 61 to Ruthrauff/Romero

Route 10 to Wetmore/Romero

Nanini Library

7300 N. Shannon Rd.

Tucson AZ 85741

Route 16 to Shannon/Ina

Route 61 to Shannon/Ina

Miller-Golf Links Library

9640 E. Golf Links Rd.

Tucson AZ 85730

Route 17 to Golf Links/Harrison

Sahuarita Library

670 Sahuarita Rd W

Sahuarita AZ 85629

Sun Shuttle Route 421 to Rancho Sahuarita/Sahuarita