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How To Ride


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  • Fares are currently free: Sun Tran, Sun Link, Sun Van, Sun On Demand, Sun Express and Sun Shuttle rides continue to remain fare free at the direction of the Mayor and Council. If you have purchased or are purchasing a pass on your Sun GO card, the pass will activate once fares return. If your Sun GO card has expired, call (520) 792-9222 and ask to speak to a Sun GO technician
  • Purchase your fare prior to boarding: Purchase a 1-Day SunGO Ticket at the ticket vending machine (if using cash you must have exact change) at any Sun Link stop if you don’t already have a SunGO card, SunGO ID Card, SunGO Ticket or a SunGO Transfer. SunGO can also be purchased from the GoTucson mobile app. Passengers must have a a pass or cash value load on a SunGO product as cash is not accepted on board.
  • Transfers: When you tap your SunGO Card or SunGO ID Card on a streetcar validator or bus farebox,  a transfer will automatically be loaded to the card. Transfers are valid for up to two hours, and are free between Sun Link, Sun Tran Routes 1-99 and select Sun Shuttle routes.

Boarding & Exiting

  • Pedestrians can use rust colored markings on the pavement at the stop as a guide to where to board. Streetcar passenger doors will align with those marks. Enter Sun Link through those doors.
  • Tap your SunGO card, ticket or transfer on the validator near the door once on board the streetcar.
  • Passenger seats are on either side of streetcar. Standing room with hand rails and straps is also available.
  • To signal your desired stop, press one of the yellow stop request strips located throughout the vehicle.


  • If you have a Disability that prevents you from stepping up to board the streetcar, look for the yellow pavement markings at each stop.  Those marks indicate the location of the ADA entrance for the streetcar.
  • When the streetcar stops, push the blue ADA accessibility button by the door. It triggers a ramp and doors will open automatically.
  • Please note, this ramp is only for people with disabilities who cannot step onto the streetcar.
  • As you enter, you’ll find designated areas for you to ride.
  • Service animals are welcome on the streetcar with their handlers.
  • When you want to exit at a stop, you have two options to trigger the ramp: Press the round blue ADA accessibility button, or press the blue accessibility bar.


  • Cyclists dismount and wheel your bike to the stop. You’ll enter the same streetcar doors as pedestrians.
  • Look for seats that face each other and locate the yellow handle on the corner of the seat. Flip the seat up. Now you have room to stand with your bike.
  • You’ll stand with your bike on board. There is a designated area in the center of the streetcar for you to stand with your bike.
Rider Rules
Important Things to Know before You Ride

Keep these rules in mind to enjoy a safe, comfortable streetcar ride. 

Safety Rules

  • To avoid accidents, do not run after a moving streetcar.
  • After exiting the streetcar, wait for it to leave the stop before crossing the street.  DO NOT cross in front of the streetcar. 
  • Passengers may only board or exit a streetcar at a designated stop.
  • Cover open wounds before boarding to ensure the safety of all passenger. Passengers may be refused service if visible leakage of body fluid is occurring.
  • Board, tap your ticket/transfer/Card, and sit or stand.
  • Never interfere with the Sun Link operator’s ability to drive safely.
  • Dismount your bicycle and roll it onboard.  Stand with your bicycle in the designated areas.
  • Gasoline-powered (GP) bicycles, GP scooters and GP skateboards are not allowed on the streetcar.
  • Passengers in wheelchairs or who cannot step up to board, please use the specially designated ADA ramp to enter and exit the streetcar.
  • If you stand during your ride, grasp an overhead rail, side rail stanchion, strap or seat back.
  • If standing, never lean against a door while riding on the streetcar.
  • Service animals are welcome on the streetcar with their handlers. Service or guide animals, as defined by law, are service animals that have been specially trained to assist persons with disabilities.
  • Pets other than service animals must be completely enclosed in carriers. Please keep your animal under control so it does not pose a threat to other passengers.
  • Vehicle batteries, gas containers and shopping carts are not allowed on the streetcar.
  • Shirts and shoes are required.
  • No smoking on Sun Link, including electronic cigarettes.
  • No pushing, fighting or throwing objects. 

Paying Your Fare

Fares Are Currently Free

Fares are currently waived. The information below is applicable when fare collection resumes.

Accepted Forms of Payment

Before you ride, you must have one of the following to board Sun Link:

  • SunGO Card – loaded with a pass or cash value
  • SunGO ID & Card – loaded with a pass or cash value
  • 1-Day SunGO Ticket
  • 30-Day SunGO Ticket
  • GoTucson app with active pass

You cannot purchase or pay a fare with cash on board Sun Link. There is no fare box, and the operator does not accept fares.

Streetcar Stop Vending Machines

At any Sun Tran transit center or sales outlet vending machine:

  • Buy a 1-Day SunGO Ticket with exact change, Visa or MasterCard.
  • A 1-Day SunGO Ticket offers unlimited rides on Sun Link, Sun Tran and select Sun Shuttle routes, valid for 24 hours after you first tap.
  • Buy a new SunGO Card with pass or cash value
  • Reload a pass or cash value to an existing SunGO Card or SunGO ID & Card
  • Buy a new 1-Day or 30-Day SunGO Ticket
  • Reload the same pass as indicated on the front of a SunGO Ticket

Paying your fare

Have your SunGO Ticket, SunGO Card, SunGO ID Card, or GoTucson pass ready when you board.

  • On the streetcar: Tap your card/ticket to the card reader as you board the streetcar.  The reader will deduct the proper fare for your trip and automatically process a transfer.
  • Sharing your SunGO Card or ticket with other riders is not permitted: A fare enforcement agent may request proof of valid fare, activated with a tap. If you have pass on GoTucson mobile app, fare enforcement agent may request to see activation. 

Respect Other Riders

  • Completely extinguish smoking materials, including e-cigarettes, before you board.
  • Enter and exit through whichever door is most convenient and has the least amount of traffic.
  • Offer a seat to others who may need it. Make it easy for other riders to take a seat.
  • Occupy one seat, keep your feet on the floor, and place bags and backpacks in your lap.
  • Keep walkways clear of obstacles.
  • If you stand during your ride, please move away from doors to allow other passengers to easily get on and off the streetcar.
  • Use a reasonable volume while talking on your cell phone or with other passengers.
  • Offensive language is prohibited.
  • Use headphones/ear buds at a low volume for audio or video.
  • Take Care of the Streetcar
  • Keep food and drinks in closed containers.
  • No eating on the streetcar.
  • No alcoholic beverages.
  • Please don’t litter or create unsanitary conditions.
  • Take your trash with you.
  • Don’t damage Sun Link property.
  • Vandalism or willful destruction of streetcar property is prohibited.

There are 11,000 parking spaces located throughout the streetcar route

Parking Correctly Adjacent to Tracks

  • When parking on the street adjacent to streetcar tracks, all parts of your vehicle – including vehicle mirrors — must be within the marked white lines of the parking spot.
  • After you park in a street spot parallel to the tracks, exit, pause and check to ensure your vehicle is parked within the white lines.
  • Park incorrectly and your vehicle will be towed to an impound lot. You will have to pay a fine, towing costs and impound fees.