people waiting to ride the bus

Sun Tran Accessible Rider Training (START)

Sun Tran’s free program is designed to help individuals, including those with disabilities and seniors, learn how to ride the bus. The goal of the program is to effectively educate the community on how to utilize Sun Tran service independently throughout the region.

Class Curriculum

  • How to utilize Sun Tran’s Ride Guide, website, and Customer Service Center to obtain bus schedules, route maps and trip planning assistance.
  • How to determine which bus to take and how to transfer buses.
  • How to pay your fare, including various passes you can use on Sun Tran.
  • Boarding the bus using the lift or ramp, and the position and securing of mobility devices.
  • First-hand experience riding a Sun Tran bus.

For more information, call (520) 206-8881.