Sun Tran Personnel

Sun Tran, Sun Link and Sun Van are here to ensure our riders arrive safely at their destination as well as provide excellent customer service. Meet the teams that help keep Tucson moving! We’re here to help!


Our professional Operators at Sun Tran, Sun Link and Sun Van are the eyes and ears of Tucson’s transit system. Operators interact with the public, drive transit vehicles and provide boarding assistance and route information. If you have any questions, need help and/or need to report a problem, talk to your operator.

Sun Tran Operator

Sun Tran Operators wear a blue or light blue shirt and Friday’s operators might wear a red polo. They may also wear a bright reflective safety vest along with their employee badge.

Sun Link Operator

Sun Link streetcar operators wear a blue shirt along with a bright reflective safety vest and employee badge.

Sun Van Operator

Sun Van operators wear a gray, teal or light blue shirt along with a bright reflective safety vest and employee badge.


Sun Tran, Sun Link and Sun Van supervisors help support each transit operator on their routes, incidents reported, and continuously encouraging safe behavior on transit vehicles and transit stations.

Sun Tran Supervisor

Sun Tran Supervisors wear a white polo or button-down shirt, and on Friday’s they may wear a red polo shirt. They may also wear a bright reflective safety vest along with their employee badge.

Sun Link Supervisor

Sun Link streetcar Supervisors wear either gray, charcoal gray or black shirts. They may also wear a bright colored safety vest along with their badges.

Sun Van Supervisor

Sun Van Supervisors wear a black, navy blue, teal, red or blue shirts. They may also wear a bright reflective vest with their employee badge.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer service assist riders with planning trips, informing riders about bus routes, bus times, service changes, detours and finding accessible services. Riders can also contact customer service about Lost & Found, bus stop and shelter maintenance and any other questions or comments. Customer Service representatives are also located at Roy Laos Transit Center and Downtown Ronstadt Transit Center. Sun Van reservationist assists ADA eligible riders book their rides around the city of Tucson. Sun Van also allows riders to book and/or view their planned trips on the Sun Van Paratransit app.

Sun Tran Customer Service (520) 792-9222 TDD (520) 628-1565

Sun Van Reservationist (520) 798-1000 TDD (520) 628-1565

Customer Service

Customer Service (520) 792-9222 TDD (520) 628-1565


  • M-F: 6 a.m. – 7p.m.
  • Sa-Su: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sun Van Reservationist

Call to book a reservation daily 7 a.m.- 4 p.m. (520) 798-1000 TDD (520) 884-5100

To learn more about Sun Van services click here.


Sun Link Right of Way Technicians

Sun Link’s Right of Way (ROW) technicians are most likely out working at Sun Link stations or any part of the streetcar tracks making sure all rider facilities are safe and in good working condition. The team is either making repairs or inspecting the wires above. When working, ROW Technicians will be in a Sun Link vehicle with warning lights on and safety cones.

Right Of Way Technicians

ROW Technicians wear gray long sleeve, along with their bright colored safety vest and badge.

Safety & Security Team

The Safety and Security Department ensures that all Transit facilities are safe and reliable for employees and the public it serves. The department coordinates and responds to illegal behaviors, accident investigations, security upgrades and manages the security contract.

Safety & Security Team

Operations Team

Operations department is the heart of the company, which has buses running 365 days a year. Operations is made up of supervisors, dispatchers, and the administration team. The administrative team schedules over 600 Operators between Sun Tran, Sun Link and Sun Van to service Tucson.

Sun Tran Operations
Sun Link Operations
Sun Van Operations

American Guard Services

American Guard Services is an established, reliable and accredited security protection firm. The security officers deploy in various ways to monitor routes and facilities for both Sun Tran and Sun Link. Officers assist in providing a safer and more secure experience for transit users and employees. If you need help or like to report an incident, talk to a security officer.

American Guard Officers

Security officers wear black or blue shirts along with vest.

Passenger Safety

a safe place street sign

Safe Place

All Sun Tran buses and facilities are a Safe Place for our Tucson Youth. There is a yellow Safe Place sticker logo located on each Sun Tran bus near the front door of the bus. The sticker identifies the places that are safe for youth in crisis. All Operators and Supervisors are trained on what to do for a Youth in crisis. If you are in crisis and need help, board the bus and tell your driver you need help. The Driver will assist you right away.

Human Trafficking Awareness

All of Sun Tran buses feature a set of stickers notifying the public of human trafficking. The decals mark the vehicles as a Safe Place for endangered youth, and a haven for anyone experiencing trafficking. Human Trafficking is the use of force, fraud or coercion to get someone to perform labor or sex acts in exchange for money or something else of value such as a place to live or drugs. Click here for more information on Sun Tran’s Human Trafficking Awareness campaign.

Ride with Respect

The “Ride with Respect” Code of Conduct is customer-focused and aimed to create the best rider experience, while discouraging disruptive, intrusive, unsafe or inappropriate behaviors on a transit vehicle or transit facility. We must all do our part so that our riders and our transit employees feel safe and secure on any Sun Tran, Sun Link, and Sun Van vehicles and/or at any transit facility. The Code of Conduct is enforced at all of our transit facilities, stops and vehicles. Click here to learn more about the “Ride with Respect” Code of Conduct.

Transit facility security & projects

American Guard Services

The American Guard security team works closely with Sun Tran’s Safety & Security team. The American Guard officers routinely monitor Sun Tran’s transit centers, and ride selected buses to ensure the safety of our riders while on Sun Tran properties. If you need help or need to report an incident find an American Guard officer at any transit center.

See something, say something

Report suspicious activity if something does not look or feel right. Let an Operator or Sun Tran, Sun Link or Sun Van employee know of suspicious activity. In case of an emergency, call 911.

Security Cameras

All Sun Tran, Sun Link, Sun Van vehicles and transit centers are monitored by video surveillance cameras. Sun Tran vehicles are also equipped with audio surveillance systems. All surveillance is used for operator and passenger safety and security, training, investigations and other business purposes. The presence of these cameras contributes to a safer environment for passengers.

Bus Locator System

Each bus is tracked at all times using the Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) system which was installed in 1999. This decreases the response time in the event of an emergency.

Do Not Leave Items Behind

Please keep your personal items with you at all times. Items left behind could cause unnecessary security alerts and transportation delays. Call Customer Service (520) 792-9222 for Lost & Found as soon as you realize you forgot your items on any transit vehicle. To learn more about Lost & Fount click here.

No Climb Fence at Laos Transit Center

For your security, do not climb the fence located on the east side of Laos Transit Center. Please use the appropriate sidewalks to exit the transit center.