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Do you have questions about how to use the SunGO website for organizations?  Whether you’re a beginner or are an experienced user, you can find answers to your questions about the the SunGO website for organizations with the following training videos.  The videos are just 1-2 minutes in length, but they cover everything you need to successfully use the SunGO website for your organization.   

The topics covered in the videos are:

  1. Logging In
  2. Buying new cards and tickets
  3. Loading passes onto cards
  4. Loading value onto cards
  5. Checking balances on your cards
  6. Reports to track balances on multiple cards
  7. Reports to review past purchases
  8. Registering SunGO Cards
  9. Managing your account
  10. Naming your passes for easier tracking 

Depending on your needs, you can watch just one, or watch them all.