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Travel with Ease Using These Rider Tools

Sun Tran provides the following rider tools and informational pages to help riders travel throughout the region with ease.

Sun Tran App: Real-time mobile app for bus & streetcar tracking, trip planning and next bus arrival times. Download app for free on iOS and Android. Step-by-step tutorial here

GoTucson: Purchase SunGO passes to pay for transit and pay on-street parking fees with this mobile app. Step-by-step tutorial here.

Google Maps: Trip Planning and real-time arrival information for web and mobile.

Live Bus Tracking: Real-time display of bus routes and the streetcar for web and mobile. Create an account for notifications via text or email.

App Showcase: Mobile apps are from third-party developers using Sun Tran's open data.

For more information please call the Customer Service Center at (520) 792-9222 (TDD: (520) 628-1565)