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Fares & PASSES

About SunGO

SunGO utilizes smart card technology to provide a convenient way to pay a fare and transfer throughout the region on Sun Tran, Sun Express, Sun Shuttle and the Sun Link modern streetcar.  The SunGO smart card serves as the fare payment card that can store cash value or passes for passenger convenience and boarding ease.  Just tap the card to the farebox and go!

A smart card resembles a credit card in size and shape, but inside has a computer chip instead of a magnetic stripe.  For transit, the smart card will serve as the fare payment card and can store cash value or passes.

Benefits of SunGO

Passengers can enjoy the following benefits:

Register a Card

To realize the benefits of registration listed below, full fare passengers with a SunGO Card must create an account and register their card online at  Economy fare passengers with a SunGO ID & Card are automatically registered at the time of issue from the Special Services office.  SunGO Tickets cannot be registered.

The registration process is complete once the newly registered card is tapped on the farebox or ticket vending machine.

Please save your user ID and password after registration to avoid being locked out of your account after the third failed log-in.

Benefits of Registration