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Lost & Found

Have you misplaced a personal item? Think you may have left it on one of Sun Tran's buses at a transit center or on a Sun Link streetcar? Contact the Sun Tran Customer Satisfaction Center to see if your item has been returned.

Office hours 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday or by appointment

If you lost an item, please follow the steps below:

  1. Call Lost & Found at (520) 792-9222
  2. Describe the item and date of loss
  3. Pick up item at the Sun Tran Administrative Office, 3920 N. Sun Tran Blvd. (Route 17)
  4. Bring a valid photo ID
  5. Be prepared to sign a claimant form before taking possession of the lost item

Note: Sun Tran will hold items for 14 calendar days before they are either donated or disposed of. All perishable items will be disposed of immediately.

Sun Tran does its best to retrieve lost items; however we are not responsible for items left on buses, at transit centers, at bus stops, or on streetcars.

If you have misplaced a personal item on Sun Shuttle, contact the Customer Satisfaction Center at (520) 792-9222.