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Alerts & Detours

Routes currently affected:

Some bus routes are affected by multiple events. Please review all Alerts & Detours listings to see if your route is affected.

– 6th St./Wilmot
– Golf Links-Downtown Express
– Broadway-Downtown Express
– Rita Ranch-Downtown Express


Attention Route 3 Passengers

Route 3

Due to a road improvement project on 6th Street between Campbell and Country Club, Route 3 buses will be on detour from approximately August 4-24, 2014. Please view the map below for route and stop details. Download PDF

Express Route 101X & 108X AM Passengers

Routes 101X, 108X

Due to Alameda construction, please board your morning bus route at Stone/Franklin stop.

Express Route 110X Passengers

Route 110X

Due to Alamdeda contruction, please board 110X at Stone/Franklin stop.