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Alerts & Detours

Routes currently affected:

Some bus routes are affected by multiple events. Please review all Alerts & Detours listings to see if your route is affected.

– 6th St./Wilmot
– Country Club/29th St.
– Northwest-UA Express
– Rita Ranch-Downtown Express

Rider Alerts

Ride Guide Error

Routes 3, 102X

The morning schedules for Route 102X and the weekend schedules for Route 3 have errors in the printed Ride Guide. Information cards are available on the buses with the correct information, and the schedules posted online are correct as well. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Park & Ride lot change

Route 110X

Passengers on Route 110X and Sun Shuttle Route 450 will utilize the new park and ride lot on Old Vail at Rita Road starting Monday, May 19th. The old lot on Old Vail just west of Houghton will be closed effective this date. Download PDF

Minor Schedule Adjustment

Route 110X

Due to the opening of the new Park & Ride lot on Old Vail at Rita Road, a slight adjustment to the schedule was required for Route 110X. Download PDF


Intermittent Bus Stop Changes

Route 17

Due to construction on Romero, Southbound Route 17 bus stops between Wetmore and Prince may be intermittently discontinued. Information will be posted at discontinued stops.