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Alerts & Detours

Routes currently affected:

Some bus routes are affected by multiple events. Please review all Alerts & Detours listings to see if your route is affected.

– Speedway
– 22nd St.
– Grant
– Flowing Wells
– Campbell
– 12th Ave./Oracle
– Stone
– W. Grant
– Valencia
– Golf Links-Downtown Express
– Foothills-Downtown Express
– Oro Valley-Downtown Express
– Broadway-Downtown Express
– Rita Ranch-Downtown Express

Rider Alerts

All Stops Served When Buses in Service Only

Route 29

Due to the new route extension the west bound stops listed below will only board passengers when bus is in active service. Please refer to posters at bus stops for more information and ride guide for Route 29 schedule. C Tetakusim/Cmo de Oeste NW Cmo Potam/C Tetakusim SW Cmo Potam/Ball Field NB C Torim/Cmo Tetaviecti NW C Torim/Wellness Center WB Ignacio Baumea./C Torim NE Ignacio Baumea/C Tetakusim

Toole at Stone Stop Will Be Discontinued During Construction

Routes 4, 10, 16, 19, 105X

Attention Passengers, due to construction the bus stop on Toole at Stone located on the south east corner will be discontinued starting Friday, October 17, 2014. Routes affected are 4, 10, 16, 19, and 105X. Passengers that use this stop will be directed to use the bus stop on Stone at Franklin in the south west corner. We will keep you informed when the bus stop is back in service. Thank you!

Route 29 now serving additional stop

Route 29

Route 29 now serving additional stop on the north west side of Calle Torim at Camino Cocoim, by the Boys & Girls Club. A shelter has already been installed for your convenience.


Alameda Construction Detours from Oct. 27-31

Routes 7, 16, 101X, 108X, 110X

Due to Alameda construction, the right lane on WB Alameda will be closed, passengers on express routes 101X, 108X and 110X and routes 7 and 16 please board at Stone/Franklin.

Toole Closed - Affects Routes

Routes 4, 10, 16, 19, 105X, 107X

Toole Avenue will be closed from Stone Avenue to Council until approximately mid-November. A temporary bus stop has been established on the SE corner of Stone at Franklin for passenger convenience. Call 792-9222 for trip planning assistance.

U of A Mall Closure on Nov. 1 Affects Routes 9, 15 and 20

Routes 9, 15, 20

Due to the Pumpkin Toss event and the Alzheimer's Walk on Sunday, November 1, the University of Arizona Mall will be closed. Routes 9, 15 and 20 will be unable to service the stops in the mall all day. Passengers can utilize the existing stop on the SW corner of Campbell Avenue and Sixth Street to travel southbound or the temporary bus stop established on the NE corner of Campbell Avenue at Third Street to travel northbound.