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How to Ride

Sun Tran gives you the freedom to take the bus where you need to go, 365 days a year. Spend time with family and friends, shop, visit your doctor, and you can even go to the casino. Sun Tran offers seniors 65 and older reduced fares and other services that make riding the bus easy, convenient and safe.

Watch a video to learn how safe and easy riding Sun Tran can be. I Love my Sun Tran - video.

When boarding the bus, passengers may pay cash or use SunGO, the smart card fare payment system to pay a fare. Learn more.

We Can Help

Taking that first trip on Sun Tran can seem overwhelming, but our team of friendly customer service representatives can help. They will help you learn how to use the bus features, where to buy a bus pass, send you large print schedules, or plan your trip from start to finish.

photo of SunTran driver helping a passenger with a route map

For your personalized trip plan call (520) 792-9222 (for persons with TDD equipment call 628-1565) and tell your customer service representative:

  1. Where you want to catch the bus
  2. Where you want to go
  3. What time you want to get there

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Reduced Fares

Sun Tran offers reduced fares for seniors 65 and older through our Economy Fare program. Riders who qualify for the reduced fare pay 75 cents for a one-way trip and get a free transfer for Routes 1-99. To be eligible for a reduced fare, seniors must visit the Special Services Office at 35 W. Alameda to obtain the SunGO ID & Card.

When paying the economy cash fare whether with value or a pass on your SunGO ID & Card or with cash, please tap your SunGO ID & Card to the farebox and show the ID to the driver as proof of reduecd fare qualification.

Please note that reduced fares are not available on Sun Express Routes 101X-204X. If paying with a pass on an express route, a surcharge will be required.

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Safe & Convenient

Safety and service are Sun Tran's top priorities. Sun Tran's fleet and transit centers are monitored by video surveillance cameras for your comfort and safety. You might want to consider riding with a friend until you are more comfortable riding the system. It may be more convenient to travel late mornings or early afternoons as it is usually less crowded. For easy seating, the first seats behind the driver are designated for seniors and people with disabilities.

Learn more about Safety on Sun Tran.

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photo illustrating the use of the bus lift with a walker

photo illustrating the use of the bus lift with a walker


Your ability to travel is important to us, so all Sun Tran buses offer accessibility features for riders with special needs. Learn more about Accessibility.

Practice Makes Perfect

Seniors and people with disabilities can learn how to ride the bus by attending a free class. Demonstrations and role-playing scenarios using common bus situations give participants a chance to ask questions in a relaxed environment.

For more information on the START Program, call (520) 206-8881.

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