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SUNGO & Fares

image of Sun Tran Transit IDLow-Income

Pima County residents who meet low-income guidelines based on the U.S. Department of Labor's Lower Living Standard Income Level, may be eligible for the reduced fare once an application and required documentation are submitted to the Special Services office. Once approved, individuals will receive the new SunGO ID & Card. Children ages 6-17 must be registered by an adult in the household and must be present at the time the ID is issued. There is a $2 processing fee to complete the application process and be issued a SunGO ID & Card, which is valid for one year.

The SunGO ID & Card is the all-in-one fare payment & ID card. Learn more about SunGO, the smart card fare payment system.

Special Services Office

Location:  35 W. Alameda (SW corner of Stone at Alameda)
Days of Service:  Monday through Friday (closed holidays).
Hours of Service:  8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
For information:  (520) 791-4100

What You Should Bring

To obtain a SunGO ID, please bring the following items to the Special Services Office:

Cash values and passes can be loaded on the SunGO ID & Card at the Special Services Office. ID's must be tapped on the farebox each time the economy fare passenger boards the bus.

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