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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay my transit fare?

For passenger convenience, there are several ways to pay a transit fare.

Boarding Tips
Full Fare Passengers

Full fare passengers can pay with the following:

Economy Fare Passengers

Economy fare passengers can pay with the following:

I lost something on the bus. How can I get it back?

If you've misplaced a personal item on one of Sun Tran's buses, contact the City of Tucson Surplus Aution Materials Management Department between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Visit the Lost & Found section of our website for more information. Sun Tran does its best to retrieve lost items; however we are not responsible for items left on buses, at transit centers, or at bus stops.

Do you offer a student or youth fare?

Although Sun Tran does not offer youth fares or passes, many local schools do provide bus passes for their students to ride our system. Please check with your school to find out if bus passes are provided. Visit College Programs for more information on options for University of Arizona and Pima Community College students.

Who is eligible for a reduced fare?

Persons with disabilities, seniors 65 or older, and individuals who meet low-income requirements are eligible for the reduced fare once they've obtained the SunGO ID & Card from the Special Services Office. For more information visit Reduced Fares, or contact the Special Services Office at (520) 791-4100.

What holidays affect Sun Tran bus service?

Sun Tran buses run every day of the year. Service is reduced to a Sunday schedule on the holidays listed below. Please note if a holiday falls on a weekend, a weekday may be observed for that holiday and only Sunday service provided. Please call customer service or check the website for details:

Are animals allowed on buses?

Service animals for individuals with disabilities are welcome to ride on the bus at no extra charge. We ask that these animals be kept under control so that the animal does not become injured, pose a threat to other passengers, or interfere with the safe operation of the bus. Visit Service Animals for more detailed information.

Pets other than service animals are only allowed on the bus if they are restrained in an animal carrier or covered container.

What are in-seat transfers?

This means on certain trips, a bus serving one route will continue on as another route at the end of the line.

If you require two or more buses to complete a one-way trip, it is possible that an in-seat transfer can help you make your trip using just one bus without a transfer. To learn which buses provide in-seat transfers, contact Sun Tran's Customer Service Center at (520) 792-9222 or .

Can I take my bike on the bus?

For those passengers that like to ride their bike to and from the bus stop, Sun Tran has bike racks mounted on the front of every bus for your convenience. To learn how to load your bike on the rack and obtain information on bike lockers, please visit the Bike & Ride section of this website.

Am I required to pay extra to place my bike in the bike rack?

There is no extra fee for using the bike rack. Passengers utilizing the bike racks on the front of each bus are simply required to pay a fare for their trip. For more information on how to use the bike rack, visit Bike & Ride.

How do I make a comment or suggestion about Sun Tran?

You can submit Customer Comments or Suggestions online, or directly contact our Customer Service Center at (520) 792-9222, or for persons with hearing and speech impairments, call TDD (520) 628-1565.

I'm interested in applying for a job with Sun Tran. How do I find out about available job opportunities, and whom do I contact?

You can view current job openings online, call (520) 623-4301 for a complete listing, or stop by Sun Tran's Administrative office at 3920 N. Sun Tran Blvd., in Tucson.

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