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Tucson's transit providers have teamed up with local businesses to make commuting to work convenient and affordable for employees through the Get on Board program. Organizations can increase employee productivity and morale, be recognized as good corporate citizens and benefit the environment. There are many reasons businesses should consider participating in the program.

Employer Benefits

Get on Board is an easy-to-use program that allows Tucson-area employers to help their employees travel to and from work with ease. Plus, it lowers commuting costs, reduces traffic congestion, and improves Tucson's air quality.

Attract and retain good employees

Transit benefits enhance your company's overall benefits package to help you attract and retain good employees. Given the cost of hiring and re-training employees, this low-cost benefit could easily pay for itself. And, transit passes are a benefit employees can use every day.

Reduce parking needs

Encouraging public transit increases parking spaces for customers at your business.

Increase employee productivity

Riding transit to work means employees arrive relaxed and ready for the day.

Enhance your organization's image

Companies that help reduce traffic congestion are seen as highly desired organizations and good community neighbors.

Earn a tax deduction

The federal tax code permits employers who pay for any part of an employee's transit pass to structure their payment to reduce payroll taxes. And, there are no IRS reporting requirements. Learn more about Tax Benefits.

Satisfy Travel Reduction Program (TRP) requirements

Companies with over 100 employees can earn credits towards meeting their TRP goals through the Get on Board program. For more information on TRP, visit the Travel Reduction Program.

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Getting Started

If you are considering offering some type of commuter program, here are some questions to get you started.

You're now ready to move forward. The Get on Board program offers a range of tools to help you design a program that is suited to your businesses' needs. Here are some steps to get you started.

Choose a transportation coordinator (TC)

This employee is a liaison between the company, co-workers and local transit providers.

Survey your employees

Learn how employees are currently getting to work and if they'd be interested in riding Sun Tran, Sun Link or Sun Shuttle. The Get on Board Survey can get you started.

Decide how to participate

There are four ways companies can participate:

Determine the type of passes to purchase

Tucson-area transit providers accept popular 30-Day pass that can be loaded on a SunGO Card or SunGO ID & Card. For prices and more detailed information go to Fares & Passes.

Sign up and begin ordering passes

When your company decides to sell SunGO, a Get on Board Pass Provider Agreement will be sent for your signature. This Agreement states the terms and conditions of receiving products. You'll also receive information on how to manage your account online.

Spread the word

The Get on Board program offers a variety of materials to help you inform your employees about the program.

For more information on the Get on Board program, contact the SunGO Pass Program Manager at (520) 206-8859.

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Additional Resources

A number of organizations provide general information on the benefits of transit and associated tax savings.

Commuter Choice, a nationwide partnership designed to help employers create customized solutions to their employees' commuting challenges.

The Association for Commuter Transportation, an association for professionals who specialize in commuting options and solutions as well as organizations, businesses and individuals interested in creating a more workable transportation system.

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