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Commute To Work

Tucson's Transit Providers have teamed up with local businesses to make commuting to work convenient and affordable for employees through the Get on Board program.

Employee Benefits

Get on Board Sun Tran, Sun Link and Sun Shuttle and discover how great your daily commute can be.

Lower car expenses

When you leave your car at home, you save on gas, insurance, car repairs and parking fees. Calculate your Commute.

Reduce stress

Instead of sitting in traffic congestion, you can use your commute to read the paper, think about the day ahead or unwind on the way home.

Safer commuting

Sun Tran, Sun Link and Sun Shuttle all have excellent safety records, which add peace of mind to your commute.

Help the environment

You contribute to cleaner air and cut down on greenhouse gas emissions when you commute to work by transit.

Save Even More

Federal tax code permits a tax-free benefit to commute to work. Learn more about the Tax Benefits.

  1. If your company agrees to pay the entire amount of your bus pass you get a free ride to work and your company can reduce their payroll taxes.
  2. If you and your company agree to share the cost of the pass, your company pays a portion. If the remainder is covered through payroll deduction, you get pre-tax savings.
  3. If you pay for the entire cost of the pass and can do so through payroll deduction, you'll get pre-tax savings.

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Getting Started

You'd like your employer to participate in the Get on Board program, but don't know how to begin? We can help.

For more information on the Get on Board program, contact the Pass Program Manager at (520) 206-8859.

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