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Alerts & Detours

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Routes currently affected:

Some bus routes are affected by multiple events. Please review all Alerts & Detours listings to see if your route is affected. Note: there may be temporary detours or service changes not listed below.

– 22nd St.
– Broadway
– Ruthrauff
– Midvale Park
– Valencia
– Golf Links-Downtown Express
– Northwest-UA Express
– Northwest-Downtown Express
– Marana-Downtown Express
– Foothills-Downtown Express
– Oro Valley-Downtown Express
– Broadway-Downtown Express
– Catalina Hwy-Downtown Express
– Rita Ranch-Downtown Express
– Oro Valley-Aero Park Express
– Northwest-Aero Park Express
– 10th/12th Avenue
– S. Park Avenue

Rider Alerts

Holiday Service

Sun Tran operates on a SUNDAY schedule on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Discontinued Stops - Route 8, effective January 26, 2020

Route 8

Route 8 will temporarily discontinue stops on BROADWAY BLVD between EUCLID AVE and CAMPBELL AVE due to the City of Tucson's road widening project. Phase 1 of construction will begin Sunday, January 26 , 2020 and is scheduled to be completed within 60 days. (posted 1/22/2020) The following bus stops will be temporarily discontinued: EASTBOUND @ BROADWAY BLVD/FREMONT AVE (boarding relocated to BROADWAY BLVD/EUCLID AVE) and @ BROADWAY BLVD/HIGHLAND AVE (boarding relocated to BROADWAY BLVD/CHERRY AVE). WESTBOUND @ BROADWAY BLVD/SANTA RITA AVE (boarding relocated to BROADWAY BLVD/HIGHLAND AVE) and @ BROADWAY BLVD/PARK AVE (boarding relocated to BROADWAY BLVD/EUCLID AVE)

Sun Express Service Reduction for COVID-19

Routes 101X, 102X, 103X, 104X, 105X, 107X, 108X, 109X, 110X, 203X, 204X

Effective Friday April 17, 2020 Due to low ridership from COVID-19, all Express routes to Downtown Tucson and University of Arizona will be temporarily reduced to one trip in the morning and one in the evening. See attached flier and Routes & Schedules. Download PDF

Route 25 SB, Park Ave @ Tucson Marketplace

Route 25

Effective May 4, the SB curb lane of Park Ave will be closed from 39th St to the I-10 WB on-ramp intersection due to road construction. The bus stop on the NW corner will be temporarily discontinued and a portable stop will be located at the HAWK signal. Buses will service this stop from the open lane.


Routes 7 & 12 - DOWNTOWN

Routes 7, 12

Routes 7 & 12 on detour at CUSHING STREET due to construction on Church Ave. Detour will be effective until all road construction is completed. See attached map for details and list of interrupted bus stops. (updated on 1/21/2020) Download PDF

Detour - Route 10 South at DAVIS AVE, effective March 10,2020

Route 10

Route 10 will be on detour at DAVIS AVENUE due to the I-10/Ruthrauff construction project. See attached map for details. (updated on 3/9/2020) Download PDF

Detours for Routes 27 and 29 at Casino del Sol

Routes 27, 29

March 18, 2020 - April 13, 2020, routes 27 and 29 will be on detour at Casino Del Sol. Download PDF

Detours for Routes 8 and 108X, Monday, June 1st 4am-6am

Routes 8, 108X

Detour for Routes 8 and 108X at Broadway/Highland on Monday, June 1st from 4 a.m. - 6 a.m. Download PDF

Detour for Route 12 at 10th Ave/26th St

Route 12

Detour for Route 12 at 10th Ave/26th St, effective Thursday, June 6th from 5 a.m. - 6 p.m. Download PDF