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Welcome TUSD Students!

Watch Sun Tran's 'How to Get to School' video:

Students, you can plan your trip to school by using Google or the Sun Tran Trip Planner app

The Sun Tran app is a great tool for TUSD students learning the transit system.

Watch a tutorial on how to use the app here:

Sun Tran’s app is free to download on Android or iOS.

Fares are Free, board at the rear door and pick your seat!

Some helpful tips before you ride!

It is a good habit to notice what your bus number is. The number of the bus is a large 4 digit number on the top right side of the interior of the bus and is also located in multiple areas around the exterior of the bus, including next to the head sign on the front of the bus. (This is different than the route number). The head sign is the digital reader on the front of the bus, you will be able to see the Route number and the destination of the bus from the exterior of the bus. Once you board the bus, make contact with a Driver so they acknowledge you have boarded even with a wave or hello. Be aware of your surroundings, you don’t want to miss your stop!

Wear A Mask

It is a federal mandate to wear a mask when you are at a bus stop, on the bus or at a Transit Center. Be sure the mask fits over your mouth and nose.

Keeping You Safe

Here's what we're doing to help keep you safe while utilizing our services:

Safe Place

All Sun Tran buses and facilities are a Safe Place for our Tucson Youth. There is a sticker of the logo to identify the places that are a safe place for youth in crisis to go. Each Sun Tran bus is equipped with this sticker near the front door of the bus. Operators and Supervisors are trained on what to do for a Youth in crisis. If you are in crisis and need help, please board the bus because it is a safe place and tell your driver you need help. The Driver will assist you right away.

No Child Left Behind Policy

During the school year, Sun Tran train transit drivers and deploys a “no child left behind” methodology. The methodology is designed to help assure parents/guardians that Sun Tran is committed to making sure their loved ones get to their destination safely.

Security cameras

All of Sun Tran's active fleet and transit centers are monitored by video surveillance cameras. The presence of these cameras contributes to a safer environment for our passengers. Sun Tran vehicles are equipped with video and audio surveillance systems located in several places. These video and audio recordings are used for operator and passenger safety and security, training, investigations and other business purpose.

Bus locator system

Sun Tran installed the Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) system in 1999, a computer program that tracks every bus at all times. This adds to the safety of the passengers and decreases the response time in the event of an emergency.


The G4S Security team routinely monitors Sun Tran's transit centers and rides select buses to ensure your safety while on these properties. There are more than 29,000 passenger trips from the Ronstadt, Tohono Tadai and Roy Laos transit centers each day.

Report suspicious activity

If something doesn't look right, let your coach operator know. In the case of an emergency, please call 911.

Don't leave items unattended

Please keep your personal items with you at all times. Unattended bags or other items could cause unnecessary security alerts and delays. If you forget an item on Sun Tran, call Customer Service at (520) 792-9222 for Lost & Found as soon as you realize you’ve forgotten something. It won’t always be the same bus so be sure to call right away.

What routes to take to get to school!

Tucson Badgers

Route 1
Route 3
Route 6
Route 8

Rincon /University

Route 1
Route 3
Route 4*
Route 8*

Santa Rita Eagles

Route 3
Route 37
Sun Shuttle Route 450


Route 4*
Route 5
Route 9*
Route 11*
Route 17*


Route 4* (Houghton)
Route 8 *( Houghton)

Palo Verde

Route 4 (Kolb)
 Route 7


Route 12
Route 50


Route 8
Route 108


No Routes serve the school at this time

Innovation Tech (Pima JTED)

Route 25

Project More

Route 8

Mary Meredith

Route 3


* Walk to school is within a ½ mile of the Sun Tran bus stop.

Cholla High School students!

Video link for how to read the schedule, get to your stop and how to board the Route 23 from Ronstadt.


The following Sun Tran Routes will get you to Ronstadt Transit Center within 15 mins so you can catch the Route 23 to school!

Route 4 Speedway & Alvernon 6:45a arrives @ RTC 7:10a catch the Route 23 to Cholla
Route 6 1st & Grant 6:51a arrives @ RTC 7:10a catch the Route 23 to Cholla
Route 7 22nd & Alvernon 6:59a arrives @ RTC 7:10a catch the Route 23 to Cholla
Route 8 Broadway & Alvernon 6:54a arrives @ RTC 7:10a catch the Route 23 to Cholla
Route 16 Oracle & Grant 6:52a arrives @ RTC 7:05a catch the Route 23 to Cholla
Route 19 Stone & Grant 6:58a arrives @ RTC 7:10a catch the Route 23 to Cholla
Route 101x Golf  Links & Kolb or Wilmot  6:53a transfer at Congress & Church and catch the Route 23 to Cholla

Please be at your stop at least 5 minutes ahead of time or at the last time point on the route schedule.