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$25 for $20

Transit riders can load $25 to their SunGO Cards and pay only $20.  And when paying at the farebox with money loaded to a SunGO Card, passengers are charged a lower rate than if paying with cash.

With money loaded onto a SunGO Card, full-fare passengers pay only $1.60 per trip to ride Sun Tran, Sun Link and select Sun Shuttle routes.  By comparison, it costs $1.75 per trip to ride Sun Tran and select Sun Shuttle routes when paying with cash.  And cash is not even accepted once onboard the Sun Link streetcar.    

There is a $2 cost for new SunGO Cards, but passengers who register their SunGO Cards receive an additional $2 in value loaded to their cards. 

The $25 for $20 promotion is available through the following avenues: